1976-1982 Kiev Engineering-Construction Institute, Architecture Faculty.
1982 Soviet Union Diploma Projects Laureate, Moscow City.
1982-1991 Architect, leading project specialist at “Ukrgiprobum” and “Medproject” Institutes, private architectural bureaus.
1991-1993 Artist-designer at “Ukoopspilka”.
1993-1997 Chief Artist at “Phial” Jewellery Firm.
1997 Founder and co-owner of “Triumph of Time Plc” and “Star Way Plc” companies . Founder and co-owner of trademarks “Lobortas” and “Lobortas and Karpova”.
1997-2010 Art Director and Chief Artist at “Triumph of Time plc” and “Star Way plc” working under trademarks “Lobortas” and “Lobortas and Karpova”.
2010-2011 Chief Artist at “Kiev Jewellery Plant Ltd”.
2010 Founder and owner of “Irina Karpova Jewellery Company Ltd”.
2011 Founder and co-owner of the trademark “Karpov&Karpova jewellery”

Iryna Karpova